The Brand of AE

The history of creating a unique brand identity for ae.

AE (Artistik Expressionz) specializes in creating exceptional user experiences and interfaces.

Org Page Version 3

We recently redesigned our org page, shown above.

Style Guide


Primary Dark


Primary Light


Card BG


Headings - Playfair Display 4.5 rem

Title - Lato 3 rem

Subtitle - Lato 1.25 rem

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Buttons, Links & Tags

The main buttons are with the accent color and also have an outlined variation.
And the secondary buttons, are smaller, in Primary light color and also have an outlined version.


Tag One Tag Two Tag Three

Tags display additional information and can come in different sizes. They have rounded corners to distinguish from the buttons which can be interacted with.

Evolution of the logo

first logo

The very First

The initial and short lived logo for AE was very simple, but blocky.


It was created with Adobe Flash as a vector graphic.

official version 1

The Retired

The most widely used logo was a little bit more creative and designed to emphasize symmetry.

2005 - 2020

It was also created with Adobe Flash as a vector graphic.

A Modern Approach

The logo was simplified while retaining the idea of symmetry. Also a dash of color with a slight gradient was added, with alternate monochrome variations as well.

2020 - Present

It was initially created with Adobe XD as a vector graphic, then redrawn in Figma by 2022.

redesign monochrome versions