Logo Redesign

The existing logo looks dated, but iconic and historic to the store location that was opened back in the 1960s.

The first step was to modernize the logo while keeping true to the roots. After a number of iterations with the help from Gen AI Tools, a simple logo was created.


The Hero section

Since the existing website does not have a hero section or clear call to action button, these were worked into the design.

We retained the language selection, user profile, shopping cart and phone number for the store at the top of the page.

Recraft.AI was used to extensively create all graphical assets for the design from scratch, including patterns.

Most importantly the awards and accolades are displayed prominently as social proof, instead of being hidden away in an about us page.


Products section

The products section was redesigned to be elegant and provide clear information.

A featured item or collection can be highlighted prominently as part of a promotion.

Recraft.AI was used to create the images and ChatGPT was used to generate the descriptions for the products.


Responsive and Mobile friendly

One of the most important aspects for a modern website is to behave responsively to any screen size and be usable.